Email Marketing: Part 2- How to Get Your Email Marketing Read?

Email Marketing: Part 2- How to Get Your Email Marketing Read?

Email Marketing: Part 2- How to Get Your Email Marketing Read?

 It’s one thing to put together your email marketing campaign, but it’s quite another to get it to read. Let’s look at some things you can do to improve the readability of your email marketing campaign and keep people engaged. 

Horizontal Viewports 

Your email message needs to be designed to have a horizontal viewport. 

Most designers know this, but what’s not as well known is how small most viewports are. The normal size of the preview pane is approx. 638×86 pixels, according to recently released information by 

MicroMass Communications. 

What this means is that the first 100 pixels of your email won’t be seen in the majority of cases. With the shift moving towards mobile devices, that viewing area is getting smaller, not larger. So make sure you make the most of this very small space. It is the only place you get the opportunity to convince your reader to read your entire message. 

Email Clients Are Unforgiving 

Web browsers are pretty forgiving of messy HTML or flawed code. However, email clients are not at all this way. CSS will be frowned on. Images that are undefined will be tossed somewhere, and messy HTML will be rejected not corrected. You must define the height and width of all the images you embed. 

You must use Title and Alt tags, and you must make your links absolute. Don’t do fancy things unless you are sure it will work. 

The Writing Rules of the Game 

Use few images and many words. 

Yes, images are certainly eye-catching but they slow down the load time, and this is important to many users, especially those that don’t have high-speed internet or who are using mobile devices. Rely on text to its job. A super copy will load fast, fits into tiny spaces, and gets your message across. 

Avoid the Use of CSS Whenever Possible 

Email clients and CSS don’t get along all that well, so it is best to avoid it if you can. Even with major email clients, there are compatibility issues, which doesn’t make a lot of sense in this day and age but it will eventually improve. 

However, there are times when CSS is necessary for your email design. If that’s the case, then you need to make sure that all of the properties remain in line and are not in shorthand. Keeping these tips in mind when designing your email will improve the likelihood that your email will be read and that makes your email marketing campaign effective. 

Optimize the Delivery of Your Email Marketing 

One of the most successful ways to make your email marketing success is to optimize your delivery. One of the first things you should do is to create different groups. 

That way each group will receive the information that is relevant to them. For example, let’s say you sell downloadable music, tablets, and laptops. 

The customer that is interested in downloadable music might not be interested in laptops. By creating groups, you can clearly target your market. Your goal isn’t to be too aggressive with your selling. 

What you want to do is allow them the opportunity to both share and digest what it is you have to share. 

Create four segments and label them: 

  • Leads 
  • Customers 
  • Win-backs 
  • Newsletters

Set Expectations

  • Next, you need to set your expectations so you don’t land up annoying those on your email list. 

The expectations include: 

  • Why a person should subscribe to your list 
  • How many emails are you going to send out 
  • When will they receive these emails 
  • What are the emails about 
  • Who is the person or brand that these emails are being sent from? Recommend your subscribers add your email address to their safe list. 

When done correctly you reduce the likelihood that someone will be surprised when your email arrives and then unsubscribe from your mailing list. 

Respecting Privacy 

You must always respect the privacy of your subscribers so that they remain active subscribers. Be sure to state that you are never going to sell their information to a third party. You could even create a full privacy policy so that they knew exactly how you handle their personal information. 

To comply with Can-Spam laws you must remove anyone that requests to be taken off the list within 10 days of that request. By taking the time to optimize the way you deliver your email message to your subscribers you increase the likelihood of that subscriber remaining as such, and as a result, you increase your opportunity to turn that subscriber into a paying customer, at some point along the way. 

Email marketing is one of the most underutilized marketing tools that are available to business owners. When done correctly it offers a high conversion rate from subscriber to paying customer, so it is definitely worth your time to learn how to carry out email marketing the correct way. 

4 Tools to Optimize Your Mobile Email Marketing Campaign 

Email marketing gets a lot of attention but what doesn’t get a lot of attention is the mobile email marketing campaigns and yet almost 50 percent of all email marketing emails go to mobile devices. This is a very important trend with no end in sight – when you send your next email marketing campaign out, the majority of your customers are going to read it on their smartphones, not on their web browsers. 

This leads us to the question ‘ are your emails properly optimized for opens and reads, along with click-through from mobile devices? Mobile open rates are around a whopping 300 percent. So, now is the time for you to start taking your mobile optimization seriously. 

Let’s start by looking at four tools you can use to optimize your mobile email marketing. 


Mini We will begin with a winning app that’s easy to use. Download speeds are often very slow on mobile devices, which is why it is so important for you to make sure you keep the file size down. 

JPEGmini is one program that can be used to significantly reduce your image size before you add them to your email. It’s just a few simple clicks to reduce the size by as much as 80 percent. 

#2 Litmus 

If you are like most you have a handful of email templates that you like to use over and over. Litmus is a tool that you can use every now and then to audit the templates you use. It will show you how your template is going to look in various email clients. It’s an excellent tool to use before you launch any big campaign if your budget allows for it. 

#3 Theme Forest 

Testing will reveal how well your templates work on mobile devices. It’s common for them to be too wide or for the font to be too tiny. This will annoy your subscribers and it could have a very negative impact on your email marketing campaign. Instead, use email templates designed for mobile devices to avoid these issues. 

Theme Forest is one of those programs that can help you. These templates can be customized so you get exactly what you want. 

#4 Mailchimp 

You can easily manage your entire email marketing campaign using Mailchimp. Mailchimp even provides a video that shows you how to create responsive emails. To make the most of your mobile email marketing campaigns take advantage of these tools. 

Successful Email Marketing 

Email marketing is a powerful tool when used correctly converting subscribers to paying customers over time. It allows you an opportunity to easily share what you have to offer in a manner in which the subscriber is receptive, but only when it is done correctly. 

Let’s have a look at the 9 steps you should use to enjoy email marketing success. 

Step #1 Determine What Your Goal Is 

For your email campaign to be a success you need to know what your actual goal is. This allows you to accurately target and measure the success of your goals along the way. 

Here is an example of goals to consider: 

  • Are you successful at alerting customers of new features and products you have to offer? 
  • Do you announce upcoming events in a timely manner and do people register for them? 
  • Do you send emails to get subscribers to also subscribe to your blog and do you measure your conversion rate? 

Step #2 Who Your Emails From 

The name and email address that you send your email from the need to remain consistent on every single email you send. That creates brand recognition and you are less likely to land in spam. 

Step #3 Subject Line 

Your email subject line needs to be a call to action for your subscriber. They need to immediately know what action is required of them and why. Remember you only have 45 characters that are visible so make sure that you use them wisely and your message does not get cut off. 

Step #4 The Email Body 

Did you know that most people will read an email in under 10 seconds? Therefore, it is important that you are presenting the most important part of your message at the top of the email. This is also helpful because it shows as the snippet in the subscriber’s email program. 

Step #5 Email Signature 

Your email signature should match the ‘from’ in the email. You should sign the email and include any other information you think the recipient should have such as your phone number, perhaps your degree is important, or your web address. 

Step #6 Testing Your Email

 It is important that you always test your email on a number of email platforms and on mobile devices, which make up a larger percentage of where email is read. That way you can make sure that your email is coming through correctly on all platforms. 

Step #7 Send the Email 

Always include the option to view it as HTML or text. This is it! It’s time to send out your email campaign and start to enjoy the benefits. 

Step #8 Measure 

In order to know if your email campaign is successful, you need to measure the click-through rate and the unsubscribe rate. This will help you determine what you need to change or what’s working.

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