100  Fitness Tips

1. Determine the reasons why you are not fit. 2. Be determined in achieving your fitness goals.  3. Build up your motivation in losing weight. 4. Be inspired.

5. Learn to love fruits and vegetables. 6. Become more conscious of your food portions. 7. Drink more water.  8. Start the day with a glass of water.  9. Eat a banana early in the morning.

10. Drink water just before lunch or dinner. 11. Stay away from sodas and sweetened drinks. 12. Choose fresh fruits instead of fruit drinks.

13. Eat more food items that contain water. 15. Think before you eat. 16. Go easy on sweet things. 17. Eat only at times when you need to. 18. The best snack items.

19. Drinking coffee. 20. Stay away from foods that have been fried. 21. Skipping meals. 22. Eat a large breakfast. 23. Eating eggs. 24. Eating chocolates.

25. That bulging tummy. 26. Including protein in your diet. 27. Choose the right kind of meat. 28. Choosing the proper bread. 29. Eating pork.

30. Limiting your sugar intake. 31. Grazing. 32. Go easy on the salt. 33. Bake foods instead of frying them. 34. Using non-stick pans. 35. Cooking your vegetables.

36. Eating parsley. 37. Crash diets. 38. Set more achievable goals. 39. Don’t forget to reward yourself. 40. Eating in restaurants.

41. Eat low-calorie food items first. 42. Make use of a food journal.  43. Eat at the table and not somewhere else. 44. Bring your own lunch.

45. Add more spices to your recipes. 46. Avoid processed foods as much as you can.

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