101  Dating Tip

1. Don’t take dating too seriously.  2. Don’t date out of desperation. 3. Don’t date other people to make someone jealous.  4. Practice caution on multiple dating.  5. Be yourself.

6. Don’t date to play games.  7. Lending money to your date.  8. Enjoy dating not just for sex.  9. Get out of the house.  10. Take a break.

11. Get to know yourself better.  12. Avoid negative individuals. 13. Engaging in phone or online sex. 14. Acknowledge the presence of dubious behavior. 15. Have a life.  16. Criticizing the date.

17. Control your drinks.  18. Out of your league. 19. Determine what you want out of dating.  20. Fix yourself up for the date.  21. Smile on your date.  22. Your posture.  23. Shaving.

24. Being conscious of your voice.  25. Your smell. 26. Taboo subjects.  27. Avoid a bad mood.  28. Use the name of your date. 29. Use different perfumes or colognes.  30. Stay fit.

31. You are serious about your future.  32. Be someone your date can introduce to her parents. 33. Never interrupt.  34. Don’t be a whiner. 35. Don’t be a crybaby. 36. Let your date talk.

37. Be a friend to your date. 38. Trust.  39. Touching your date. 40. Mysterious.  41. Learn how to read palms.  42. Be polite but don’t overdo it.  43. Business cards. 44. Doing little things. 

45. Never stalk.  46. Dancing.  47. The things you need to know on the first date.  48. Starting or keeping a conversation going.  49. Making compliments.  50. Be successful. 

51. No sex talks.  52. Be nice.  53. What to do with your apartment.  54. Calling him or her. 55. Make memories.  56. Dating is discovering.  57. Sharing common values. 

58. Dating is not something like a vocation. 59. Never date when you are not over your ex.  60. Online dating is just one of your options for meeting people.  

61. You are not in a relationship yet on your first date.  62. Know your limits.  63. You are worthy. 64. Enjoying dating does not mean you have to be blind.

65. It is not a requirement for you to be interested when someone is interested in you.  66. Finding your type.  67. Don’t date someone who only communicates through text. 

68. Do your research.  69. Ask questions.  70. Don’t cloud your judgment.  71. Meet new people and make new experiences.  72. To enjoy dating, you need to invest time and effort. 

73. Don’t expect too much from people.  74. Getting to know your date.  75. Don’t be too fast in writing off somebody.  76. Never force yourself to like someone. 

77. Lazy communication.  78. Can the other person give you what you want in a relationship?  79. Be careful in telling your date about your past relationships. 

80. Going to movies.  81. Pay attention.  82. Stay away from your date’s home. 83. Be honest.  84. Show that you are interested.  85. Your mobile phone.  86. Talking and listening.  

87. Talk about yourself positively.  88. Building your profile in online dating.  89. Tell a friend or a close relative that you are going on a date.  90. You don’t have to research your date’s ex. 

91. Don’t be too available.  92. Don’t be confrontational.  93. What to do when your date is reluctant in answering your questions.  94. You can always say no.

95. If you want honesty, be honest.  96. It is fine to be unsure about the first date.  98. Don’t date just because your friends and family tell you so.

99. Choosing a site for online dating.  100. You don’t have to say that you love a person.  101. What does it mean if your date tells you he or she loves you?