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“There is no Success without secrets. There is no possibility without responsibility.”

30 SECRETS TO THE TOP By Paul Enenche MD

30 SECRETS TO THE TOP By Paul Enenche MD

“You cannot move from where you are until you see beyond where you are.” – Martin Luther King Jr

FREE BUT NOT CHEAP If God has a place for us at the top, what do we do to get there? God’s provisions are free but not cheap. There are conditions to meet before His provisions can be accessed. 

Yes, His provision is for us to be established at the top in life, but there are conditions. Every Divine provision requires human conditions.

From 30 SECRETS TO THE TOP By Paul Enenche MD

You Need A Vision Dare To Be Different Jealousy - Avoid It! Maintain Divine Presence Maintain Good Character Live Purposefully

By Paul Enenche MD

Live By Conviction Release The Past Maintain Excitement Be Faithful Live Ready Be Diligent Accept Responsibility

By Paul Enenche MD


About this book This book for everyone – young and old, men, women, students,  educators, business people, administrators, parents, homemakers, sports enthusiasts, entertainers – yes, and you!

It has been carefully structured into 52 sections, covering the following areas:  Deciding to be confident Self-awareness Thinking confidently Using your imagination to improve self-image

 Read the material carefully and apply what you learn, you’ll notice big changes taking place within two or three months, and a year from now 

#3 POWER THOUGHTS -By Joyce Mayer 

Power Thoughts is meant to be used, not simply read. As you go through this book, mark passages that apply to your life, make notes on points. 

Part I:  It’s All in Your Mind Introduction Chapter 1:  The Power of a Positive You Chapter 2:  Teach Your Mind to Work for You Chapter 3:  More Power to You Chapter 4:  On-Purpose Thinking

Part II:  Power Thoughts Power Thought 1:  I can do whatever I need to do in life through Christ. Power Thought 2: God loves me unconditionally! Power Thought 3:  I will not live in fear.