6 Fears and How to Overcome Them - Law of Attraction: Napoleon Hill

The Research behind his bestselling books was his uncovering the Law of Attraction - and using it to become a successful author.

In his "Law of Success", he tells how you can overcome fear, develop self-confidence, and apply the Law of Attraction to bring you more money, better health, and personal power in your life

"You Can Do It if You Believe You Can!" BEFORE approaching the fundamental principles upon which this lesson is founded it will be of benefit to you to keep in mind the fact that it is practical

that it brings you the discoveries of more than twenty-five years of research that it has the approval of the leading scientific men and women of the world who have tested every principle involved.

Skepticism is the deadly enemy of progress and self-development. You might as well lay this book aside

stop right here as to approach this lesson with the feeling that it was written by some long-haired theorist who had never tested the principles upon which the lesson is based.

Surely this is no age for the skeptic because it is an age in which we have seen more of Nature's laws uncovered and harnessed than had been discovered in all of the history of the human race.

Within three decades we have witnessed the mastery of the air; we have explored the ocean; we have all but annihilated distances on the earth;

harnessed the lightning & made it turn the wheels of industry; we have made seven blades of grass grow where but one grew before; we have instantaneous communication between the nations of the world

Truly, this is an age of illumination and unfoldment, but we have as yet barely scratched the surface of knowledge.

However, when we have unlocked the gate that leads to the secret power which is stored up within us it will bring us knowledge that will make all past discoveries pale into oblivion by comparison.

 The most highly organized form of energy known to man, and this is an age of experimentation and research that is sure to bring us to a greater understanding of that mysterious force called thought,

We have already found out enough about the human mind to know that a man may throw off the accumulated effects of a thousand generations of fear, through the aid of the principle of Auto-suggestion.

We have already discovered fact that fear is the chief reason for poverty and failure and misery that takes on a thousand different forms.

We have already discovered the fact that the man who masters fear may march on to achievement in practically any undertaking, despite all efforts to defeat him.

The development of self-confidence starts with the elimination of this demon called fear, which sits upon a man's shoulder and whispers into his ear,

"You can't do it - you are afraid to try - you are afraid of public opinion - you are afraid that you will fail - you are afraid you have not the ability."

This fear demon is getting into close quarters.

"Society" could quite properly be spelled "$ociety," because it is inseparably associated with the dollar mark.

Science has found a deadly weapon with which to put it to flight, and this lesson on self-confidence has brought you this weapon for use in your battle with the world-old enemy of progress, fear.

THE SIX BASIC FEARS OF MANKIND: Every person falls heir to the influence of six basic fears. Under these six fears may be listed the lesser fears.

The six basic or major fears are here enumerated and the sources from which they are believed to have grown are described. The six basic fears are:

1. The fear of Poverty 2. The fear of Old Age 3. The fear of Criticism 4. The fear of Loss of Love Someone. 5. The fear of Ill Health 6. The fear of Death.

6 Fears

THE FEAR OF POVERTY: It requires courage to tell the truth about the origin of this fear, and still greater courage, perhaps, to accept the truth after it has been told.

The fear of poverty grew out of man's inherited tendency to prey upon his fellow man economically.

The fear of poverty is a terrible thing!

Nearly all forms of lower animals have instinct but appear not to have the power to reason and think; therefore, they prey upon one another physically.

Man, with his superior sense of intuition, thought and reason, does not eat his fellow men bodily; he gets more satisfaction out of eating them FINANCIALLY!

We know anything, the age in which we live seems to be the age of money worship. A man is considered less than the dust of the earth unless he can display a fat bank account.

Nothing brings man so much suffering and humiliation as does POVERTY. No wonder man FEARS poverty.

Poverty, therefore, is a crime-an unforgivable sin, as it were.

with the man-animal man has learned, for certain, that this animal cannot always be trusted where matters of money and other evidence of earthly possessions are concerned.

Many marriages have their beginning (oftentimes their ending) solely on the basis of the wealth possessed by one or both of the contracting parties. It is no wonder that the divorce courts are busy