A Few  Questions And Subjective Answers Regarding Dreams

Fragmentary Thoughts From Dream Realms

QUESTION. What is a dream?

ANSWER A dream is an event transpiring in that world belonging to the mind when the objective senses have withdrawn into rest or oblivion.

Then the spiritual man is living alone in the future or ahead of objective life and consequently lives man's future first, developing conditions in a way that enables waking man to shape his actions 

QUESTIONS.-  What relationship is sustained between the average man and his dreams?

A.− A dream to the average or sensual person, bears the same relation to his objective life that it maintained in the case of the ideal dreamer, 

Q.- Then why is man not always able to correctly interpret his dreams?

A. Just as words fail sometimes to express ideas, so dreams fail sometimes in their mind pictures to portray coming events.

Q.−If they relate to the future, why is it we so often dream of the past?

Fragmentary Thoughts From Dream Realms

When a person dreams of past events, those events are warnings of evil or good; sometimes they are stamped so indelibly upon the subjective mind that the least tendency of the waking mind to the past

Question.− Why is it that present environments often influence our dreams?

A- Because the future of man is usually affected by the present, so if he mars the present by willful wrongs, or makes it bright by right living it will necessarily have influence on his dreams, 

Question.− What is an apparition?

A. It is the subjective mind stored with the wisdom gained from futurity, and in its strenuous efforts to warn its present habitation−− 

the corporal body−−of dangers just ahead, takes on the shape of a dear one as the most effective method of imparting