Baby Shower Guide – Planning & Organizing A Perfect Baby Shower.

How To Go About Sending Out Invitations

Planning The Shower

There's an ongoing debate - that can actually become quite emotional and vocal - that tried to determine whether or not a relative should throw the baby shower.

When The Shower Should Happen

This is an important question to ask, and of course, to answer. And as usual, there are a few different viewpoints on when to hold the baby shower.

The Mother-to-Be

Let's start with mother-to-be. She may have a preference about when the shower should be held; and this preference should be heeded.

Ideas And Theme For Your Baby Shower

1. Base the party on a color theme  2. Teddy bears  3. Saying it with Diapers 4. Join the kiddy brigade

Twins are double the fun and you can truly make it more so by organizing a unique baby shower for the expectant parents by detailing this important fact into the party invite so guests can bring

Baby Shower Poems Add Vibrance To Life

The feelings of anticipation, elation and excitement over the coming arrival i.e. a new baby in the family is best described in verse as poetry

Baby Shower Favors – 5 Tips On Making Special Mementos

1. When planning a baby shower party, one needs to keep in mind so many elements that make a party successful: the right venue, theme,

2. Do remember that though this may seem like a small detail, baby shower party favors are often looked upon as one of the most thoughtful ways to say, "I'm so happy you came to join in my joy,