Daily Power and Prayer Devotional

Everyone Prays!

Is man’s role in prayer important?  God believes so.

—Dr. Myles Munroe

The most imp themes of the Word of God: prayer and vision. Each of these areas can vitally impact life on planet Earth and must be understood, explored, practiced for personal and corporate success.

The President of the United States does it, the Prime Minister of Israel does it, the Chairman of the Palestinian People does it, and the Queen of England does it.

 Jews do it, Muslims do it, Hindus do it, Buddhists do it, pagans do it, heathens do it, Christians do it. Few are sure it works; even fewer believe it is necessary. What is it? Prayer!

Prayer could be designated as the first product of global religion. No matter how diverse the religions of the world may be, they all practice prayer. Prayer is religion’s neutralizer.

To understand prayer is the desire of every man’s heart; even the pagan longs to connect with the divine and find comfort, access, and results. 

Yet prayer is still the most elusive and misunderstood practice of religious adherents. 

Heaven depends on you, and the earth needs you. 

To understand prayer is the desire of every man’s heart; even the pagan longs to connect with the divine and find comfort, access, and results. 

What is prayer?  Why is it necessary?  How should we pray?  Why must we pray to God in the name of Jesus?  Why are our prayers not always answered the way we expect? 

What role does faith have in the process of prayer?  Does prayer affect or change destiny? 

God’s actions in the earthly realm require human participation. , He needed Noah.

The questions go on and on; you can probably add many more to the list. To understand the foundation of prayer, we must understand the mind and purpose of the Creator Himself. 

Prayer is a result of God’s established authority between heaven and earth, as well as a product of His faithfulness to His Word. 

“Your word, O LORD, is eternal.…Your faithfulness continues through all generations” (Psalm119:89–90). 

In the following pages, we will come to understand God’s powerful, eternal purpose for man and prayer. 

Prayer:  Father, thank You for the gift of prayer. Please open my heart to understand the purpose and principles of prayer in the coming months. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Thought: When you understand the principles of prayer, you can communicate with God with power, grace, and confidence.

The Greatest Common Denominator Prayer is the greatest common denominator among all the great biblical characters and thousands of strong believers throughout history.

Moses practiced it. Abraham practiced it. King David, Solomon, Esther, Deborah, Daniel, Joseph, all the prophets —and, of course, Jesus Christ Himself—had profound commitments to lives of prayer.

The biblical record shows the direct impact of their prayers on the circumstances and situations they faced. 

The evidence affirms one thing: no matter what you may think about prayer, somehow it works.

Heaven depends on you, and the earth needs you.

To create a nation, He needed Abraham. To lead Israel, He needed Moses. To bring back Israel fromcaptivity, He needed Daniel. To defeat Jericho, He needed Joshua. 

To preserve the Hebrews, He needed Esther. To secure the salvation of mankind, He needed to become a Man.

Prayer is not optional, but necessary. If we don’t pray, heaven cannot intervene in earth’s affairs. We must take responsibility for the earth and shape what happens here by our prayer lives.

“Jesus told his disciples a parable to show them that they should always pray and not give up” (Luke 18:1, emphasis added).

I invite you to discover your power, authority, and rights in the earth and to position yourself to become a faith channel for heavenly influence in earth’s affairs.

It has the power to transform lives, change circumstances, give peace in the midst of trial, alter the course of nations, and win the world for Christ.

Prayer: Father, thank You for providing biblical examples of lives dedicated to prayer. Help me to have a prayer life that brings powerful transformations. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Thought:  The power of prayer is the inheritance of the believer. Reading: Genesis 1–3; Matthew

Prayer is meant to be one of the most exciting aspects of a life of faith.