Happiness Overflow

"Remember happiness doesn't depend upon who you are or what you have; it depends solely on what you think." ~Dale Carnegie~

The Happiness Genes

Happiness is a highly wanted state for most people but it remains to be a lifelong quest for everyone.

No one can just claim happiness for one moment, sit back, and watch it linger and stay. It does not discriminate too.

Happiness is often associated with big smiles and boisterous laughter. There is more to happiness than those two.

Happiness is not only defined by happy moments in one’s life. If this were the case, then no one would ever have the right to claim happiness.

There are traits that happy people share, regardless of what personality they have. However, happiness is not limited to one type of personality.

Higher Self-worth

The most visible trait of happy people is an adequate sense of self-worth. They know that they have imperfections but they also recognize their beauty and strengths.

Feelings of insecurity may threaten to harm one’s self-image once in a while but it does not have to destroy the entire state of happiness.  Happy people know how to deal with and overcome .

They recognize their weaknesses but they never dwell in fault-finding, It is very damaging to one’s emotional health and well-being.  Happy people see their weaknesses as an opportunity to improve.

Sharing  Low Moments

Happy people also have their share of low moments in life. They do not have it easy all the time. What sets them apart from miserable people is their positivity.

Positivity is not a blind sense of optimism

It will not give them definite and instant solutions to their problems, 

To have a blind sense of optimism is to set expectations so high that they do not synchronize with reality anymore.  In the face of despair, happy people still find the strength to remain positive.


It is all about the mindset.  Contentment  Happy people know the meaning of contentment and know how to live by it.

They know that they cannot have everything they want whenever they want it but it does not mean that it should be a reason to mope around and be miserable.

Even if obstacles come their way, happy people know how to acknowledge their blessings and be thankful for them.  Contentment is being satisfied with whatever one has.

However, it should not be confused with complacency.  A person can still be content even in pursuit of an ambition.  The important thing is not to take the existing blessings for granted.

Because a happy person is the epitome of contentment, he or she should be able to know how to show appreciation and gratitude to the people around.  Happiness is a state worthy of celebration,

Should be manifested by appreciation & gratitude. It goes beyond saying “thank you” to the people who make one happy, although expressing gratitude towards other people plays a big role in happiness.

It is tied with contentment and positivity.  Even if there are bleak moments in life, it should not stop a person from expressing gratitude for the smallest blessings.

Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Laughter is always linked to happy people. Happy people have a sense of humor and know when to have a good laugh, even when they are facing a huge problem.

It is not only the comedians that have a wicked sense of humor. One need not laugh only at things that are intentionally funny.  Happy people know how to laugh at themselves once in a while.

They do not take life too seriously because embarrassing things happen every now and then.  Dealing with problems is a lot easier with a little sense of humor.

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