Learn body language according to psychology:

1- Lifting the eyebrow: Raising the eyebrows indicates discomfort, surprise, or fear of people.

2- The smile: The smile is real when wrinkles appear around the eyes, but if those wrinkles do not appear, this indicates that the smile is fake and unreal.

3- Laughter A person who responds with humor & laughter indicates that he likes the person he is talking to, 

Laughter: wants to build a relationship with him, whether it is a casual or romantic relationship 

According to psychology

4- Interlacing the legs: Psychologically, cross-legged movement indicates that a person is not open emotionally, mentally,

Physically, which means that they are less likely to change their mind in negotiations and conversations.

5- Exaggerated gestures: When you tell someone something and they nod excessively, it means that they are worried about what you think of them or doubt their ability to follow your instructions.”

6- Walking: Extension of the footsteps, erect stature, moving the shoulders and raising the head when walking, all are signs of strength, confidence, greatness and attractiveness in your personality,

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