Meet Raj Laxmi Arora- The only female staff traveling with Indian squad for T20 World Cup in Australia

The BCCI is the richest cricket body in the world, and they always attempt to provide its players the best.

Supporting staff is usually important in a squad, and the Indian team only has one female support staff member traveling for the World Cup, Raj Laxmi Arora.

Rajlaxmi is important in cementing the link between Indian players and their fans. She is currently a senior media producer at BCCI.

She traveled to Australia with the team and is the only member of the support staff who has always remained with the team.

Raj Laxmi is also in charge of the contact between Team India players and the media prior to every series. She began her professional career as a content writer.

She joined BCCI in 2015 as a Social Media Manager and has since been promoted to Senior Producer.

Raj Laxmi  Arora

She graduated with a bachelor's degree in media studies from the Symbiosis Institute Of Media And Communication in Pune.

She attended Riverdale High School and was a member of the school's basketball and shooting teams.

Raj Laxmi Arora

She is very active on her social media platform. There are 48.2k followers on Instagram.

Raj Laxmi Arora

Raj Laxmi Arora was named as the head of the BCCI's four-member Internal Committee (IC) in 2019, which deals with allegations of sexual misconduct.

Karina Kripalani, a lawyer, had resigned and was serving her notice period when Arora took her position.

Raj Laxmi Arora was also the head of the BCCI's internal complaints committee, which monitored concerns such as player misbehavior.

Arora is a producer on the BCCI's media and communication team. Team India will play the first warm-up match against Australia on October 17 and the second warm-up match against New Zealand on Oct 19.