51  Famous Motivational Quotes For Success

1. An Inability To Handle Language Is Not The Same Thing As Stupidity.  -David Hare

4. I'M Not Sure When I First Knew That I Was Gay.  -Mary Cheney

2. We Want To Encourage Those Who Are Able To Work, No Question.  

3. When The Solution Is Simple, God Is Answering.  -Albert Einstein

5. Far And Away The Best Prize That Life Has To Offer Is The Chance To Work Hard At Work Worth Doing.   -Theodore Roosevelt

6. Technology Will Eventually Destroy The Way Schools Are Run Now.  -Daniel Greenberg

7. Psychology Is The Science Of The Intellects, Characters And Behavior Of Animals Including Man.  

9. Democracy Belongs To Those Who Exercise It.   -Bill Moyer 10. The Irony Is, Going To Work Every Day Became The Subject Of Probably My Best Poetry.  -Philip Levine

11. Those Who Are Compassionate When They Should Be Tough Will Be Tough When They Should Be Compassionate.  -Dennis Prager

12. If I'M Uncomfortable, You'D Never Know.  -Toni Braxton

13. But Due To The Present Regulations The Other Drivers Have Better Chances Again. This Brings Back The Tension.  -Jacky Ickx

14. Justice Is Revenge.   -Saad Hariri

15. Talk Not Of Wasted Affection - Affection Never Was Wasted.   -Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

16. There Cannot Be Greater Rudeness Than To Interrupt Another In The Current Of His Discourse.  

17.  When The Prison Doors Are Opened, The Real Dragon Will Fly Out.  -Ho Chi Minh If I'M Uncomfortable, You'D Never Know.  -Toni Braxton 18.  I Don'T Think Anyone Ever Feels Acknowledged Enough.  

19.  Christmas Is The Antithesis Of Thanksgiving. Christmas Is Pretty Much A Man-Made Holiday.  -John Clayton

20.  Pink Is The Navy Blue Of India.   -Diana Vreeland

21.  When We Seek To Discover The Best In Others, We Somehow Bring Out The Best In Ourselves.   -William Arthur Ward 22.  Zen Buddhism Is A Discipline Where Belief Isn'T Necessary.  -David Sylvian

23.  Taylor Being Married And So On, That Does Evolve The Dynamic On The Road.   24.  True Love Is Like Ghosts, Which Everyone Talks About And Few Have Seen.  

25.  Bit Parts In Mediocre TV Shows Won'T Develop Your Acting Chops.   -Stephen Collin 26.  I Picked Up The Joss Stone Album, Josh Groban, And The New Norah Jones. I Love, Love, Love Norah. 

27. Yeah, I Don'T Like, Um, I'M Not Interested In Rock 'N' Roll Piano. I Find It A Little Grating.   -Warren Zevon

28.  There Are No Lines In Nature, Only Areas Of Colour, One Against Another.  

29. When I Entered Politics, I Took The Only Downward Turn You Could Take From Journalism.   -Jim Hightower

30. I'M Not A Comedian. I'M An Actor Who Just Happens To Be Funny On Occasion.  

31. Being In A Band You Can Wear Whatever You Want - It'S Like An Excuse For Halloween Everyday.  

32. Just Because People Play Songs With Great Technique Doesn'T Mean The Records Are Better.  

33. Indigestion Is Charged By God With Enforcing Morality On The Stomach.   -Victor Hugo 34.  I Cannot Make My Days Longer So I Strive To Make Them Better.  -Paul Theroux

35. You Cannot Prepare Enough For Anything.   -James Galway 36.  A Lot Affects The Outcome. It Boils Down To Scheduling And The Commitment Of The Network.  -David Ogden Stier

37. The Perception Is That More Important People Watch News In The Evenings Than In The Mornings.   38.  -Reese Schonfeld Goals Allow You To Control The Direction Of Change In Your Favour.

39. To Be Happy We Must Not Be Too Concerned With Others.   -Albert Camu 40. I Was Interested In Java The Beginning, But The Problem With Java Is You Do Have To Switch Your Platform.  

41.  Only People Have Been Through That Miserable Time Will Recall The Pass From Their Deep Memory.   -Zhang Yimou 42.  Life Inspires More Dread Than Death - It Is Life Which Is The Great Unknown. 

43.  A National Debt, If It Is Not Excessive, Will Be To Us A National Blessing.   -Alexander Hamilton

44. As Far As The Customer Is Concerned, The Interface Is The Product.  -Jef Raskin

45. Manufacturers Are Making Products Kosher To Get In On That Market, Plus More People Are Looking For Kosher.  -Larry Miller

46. What Good Is Speed If The Brain Has Oozed Out On The Way.  -St. Jerome

47. He Is Armed Without Who Is Innocent Within, Be This Thy Screen, And This Thy Wall Of Brass.   -Horace 48. We Will Not Rest Until We See The Suspects Behind Bars.  -Walid Jumblatt

49. Home Is The Place Where, When You Have To Go There, They Have To Take You In.   -Robert Frost 50. I'M A Woman Who Carries Around All These Layers Of Fear And Vulnerability.  -Teri Hatcher

51. Great Acts Are Made Up Of Small Deeds.   -Lao Tzu 52. I Don'T Think Anyone Can Tell You What It Is That Makes You A Star.  -Desi Arnaz Fashion Goes Round In Circles.   -Siobhan Fahey

Fashion Goes Round In Circles.   -Siobhan Fahey Treasures Are No Longer To Be Got By Instrumental Art.  -Clara Schumann