Tips for Success When Meeting Women

Building Your Self Confidence  There are many techniques you can use to try to boost your self-confidence. Some work well,

The goal is to make yourself feel great and have a positive influence on your life.  Commonly used confidence boosters are:

Positive affirmations  

Exercise and weight lifting   Grooming & keeping up appearances   Alcohol  Focus on Positive Affirmations  The most effective method of boosting your self-confidence is by using positive affirmations.

This technique involves repeating key phrases internally until they become a part of your personality.  You begin to believe these important positive phrases and you will eventually live them.

You can be used throughout all aspects of life from business, to your career to dating and relationships.  By believing you have the capabilities to have the world you want, you create reality.

Follow these tips for using positive affirmation in your daily life: 

1. Determine your goal.  Think of what you want to achieve, whether it’s a feeling or an achievement that you desire.

2. Create an affirmation. Do this by writing down a phrase or statement that uses positive words and refers to the now instead of the future.

3. Repeat it to yourself in your head.  Focus on one affirmation at a time, until it becomes a reality. Using one affirmation at a time is usually the easiest way to implement change.  Repeat

4. It’s okay if you don’t believe your affirmation now.  The practice of positive reaffirmations is that you create a belief by repeating this statement.

Creating Useful Positive Affirmations 

What is a good positive reaffirmation?

1. People respect me and appreciate what I do.  2. I am loved.  3. I am attractive and passionate.

To make a noted change in the way you think about yourself, use the worksheet at the back of this chapter to clearly articulate your affirmation, and make sure that you are doing it correctly.

“I’m attractive and women find me good-looking.” Why is this a good statement? Mainly because it is short, to the point, and uses positive thoughts to get across a statement that once you believe,

When creating positive affirmations, do:  Avoid words that have a negative connotation.  Don’t use words that will remind you of what you are trying to avoid, like anxiety or nervousness.

Keep the affirmation short and sweet, and avoid long words that will complicate things.  Your brain will focus best on short, succinct phrases that have a defined purpose.

You will be able to process it quicker, and turn it into a reality.   Be persistent – you might have to repeat your affirmation hundreds of times before it begins to stick.

Positive Affirmations: What They Are & What They Aren’t 

The key to success with positive affirmations to boost your self-confidence is being realistic about how they are used.

What affirmations are:  A tool used to convince yourself that you are worthy.

It’s used to change how you feel about a situation.  

A self-improvement technique that you do in private, but that will impact every area of your life. It’s important to do it in a quiet place where you can concentrate on what you are really saying.

An indirect way to affect other people by your actions; once you begin to believe your affirmations, they way you act will change, and the way others treat you will change.

What affirmations are not: 

The same as self-questioning or initial thoughts that pop into your head with considering approaching a woman.

Those give you the immediate, “in the moment” jolt of confidence as you are about to approach a woman.  Something you can use as a bandage at the moment.  Positive affirmation work

A direct way to control other people’s thoughts about you You should create your own affirmations that are specific to your situation.

However, here is a table of sample affirmations that will give you an idea of what yours should sound like. Many of these are generic enough that you could use them.

40 Positive Affirmation

1. I am in control and self-confident.  2. I am my own best friend, and like myself for who I am.  3. I am in control and pick my own destiny.  4. I am content and successful.

 I am one-of-a-kind, and I pride myself on being unique.   Being persistent will help me be successful.  I will meet my goals.  I’m always improving in every part of life.  I’m fit and strong.

1. I welcome change and I am flexible.  2. Being confident will help me get what I want.  3. I am worthy of success no matter what anyone else says.  4. No matter what my body image, I am worthy.

1. I have the ability to act appropriately in every situation.  2. I believe in myself. 3. I can handle anything.  4. I am safe and shielded from harm.  5. I believe that I always do the right thing.

I have nothing to prove to anyone else.  People respect me and appreciate what I do.   I am loved.  I am attractive and passionate.   Anything is possible in my life.  Women find me charming and fun

1. I have everything that I need.  2. People think I’m composed and relaxed. 3. I start interesting conversations easily.  4. I genuinely like who I am, and feel great about myself.

I am courageous and view myself as the best me I can be.  I look at the bright side.  Every day is a new day.  People think I am ambitious.   I am disciplined, and have the willpower to do anything.