When is World Arthritis Day celebrated every year?

Ans.  12 October

Which meeting of the GST Council was held in October 2020?

Ans. 43rd

Chess (dot) com Who won the 2020 championship? Ans. Nihal

Which of the following French Open titles did Rafael Nadal win? Ans. 13th

 When is International Girl’s Day celebrated? Ans. 11 October

In which state was the new crab species discovered? Ans. Arunachal Pradesh

 Who was appointed the new brand ambassador of DROOLS? Ans. Kareena Kapoor

When is World Migratory Bird Day celebrated? Ans. 10 October

Facebook appointed a public policy director FB? Ans. Sunil Abraham

10. What was the theme of World Arthritis Day 2020? Ans. It’s in your hand take action